argh! sorry for fibbing (bahaha, new weird word of the day), I know I did say that I would post some outfit video's while I was in Ellenbrook but I never really got around to it :( I actually spent most of my time watching the Vampire Diaries(season 1) it was so addicting, like that's literally all I did, I had to of watched each episode like twenty times each! Anyway, I did try to put some new pictures up but my camera was being a bully and kept saying that my memory card was claustraphobic??!! I was devasted because I promised that I would get around to doing some :( also my friends are upset to because they wanted me to upload some of the photos of all of us onto facebook (if anyone is interested in my facebook account or facebook group then please leave a comment) so that sucked as well.

As for my trip to Ellenbrook, well as I said, I watched Vampire Diaries, which I hired out :p and I journaled, it's kind of my new thing and I do it like a million times a day, only because it is the holidays and I get bored, I got a fluro pink hard cover binded note pad for $4.75 at the local news agent. I'm sorry for the absence on my tumblr as well, I did complete my m-k&a-athon though, I was planning on tumbling a little in Ellenbrook (I even transfered my whole picture desktop onto my USB!!) but I never really got into it and I was barely on facebook either.

I was a little glad to be home today, I started to watch some gossip girl re-runs (fun!) and then got bored, mums a little sick at the moment so I invaded the computer and did a little llymlrs stalking on youtube, goodness, she does really good vlogs!! anyway, everyone have a good week and hopefully I can get off my bum and started posting some video's :D
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