What Are Emo Hairstyles?

I was browsing the Fourfa website the other day, supposedly the definitive 'emo core' for all the emo hairstyles, emo haircuts and emo fashion, etc. So, I decided to write a bit about what I have actually learnt!

It is true that most people have a very narrow mind regarding the definition of emo! As Emo Hairstyles defines it, it's hard to define and I agree that it doesn't exactly exist either. It can mean a large number of things, and subsequently, different things for different people, depending on what they are doing to maintain their emo style. Emo can be a way of life, or simply a style adpoted every now and then, or simply refered to as a style of music that was only recorded on vinyl with very limited number of people actually getting one (that was in the past however, you may now regard emo as something completely different).

By the way, you might want to check out the new Emo Hair blog on the emo hairstyles we are partners with! They have updated a live Flickr RSS stream of photos of emo girls and emo boys with emo hairstyles, emo haircuts and whatnot! I've also attached a few photos that would be displayed on the emo stream to this post!