Mullet Emo Hairstyle

The mullet hairstyle started in the early 19th century; nowadays, a lot of people refer to it as emo hairstyle and therefore a lot of people still wear it. The peak of its popularityw as in 1970 when the rock artist David Bowie wore the haircut at his Diamond Dogs and Ziggy Stardust phases.

Even Billy Ray Cyrus, wore the haircut in 1990s which became once again popular with his song, "Achy Breaky"!

The mullet or emo mullet as others call it can be split into a number of types: Skullet, Frullet, Tropical Mullet, Jheri Curl Mullet, Momullet, Chullet, Mulldina and Fem Mullet.

The most common emo hairstyle to me, regarding mullet hairstyles is the Skullet; a variation is shown in the picture. It's basically bald head with a longer hair on the sides an the back - it's nowhere near as popular nowadays and in fact very few people still wear it!