Emo Hairstyles - Fashion

Emo which can be considered to be a style of rock music and is short for emotional punk movement has first emerged in Washington DC, in one of the music scenes in 1980s. The emo members were wearing emo hairstyles and also performed emotional performances. The emo hairstyles scene was developed amongsts the anti hipsters that insisted on being individual and disliked the mainstream trends. Since then it has been adapted by nowadays teens and young people who don't want to 'fit in' with the crowd.

Emo is not only defined by the emo hairstyles but also by the emo fashion, that is the clothes and jewels they wear. Most emo would wear black clothing, jacket that is usually small for them or very tight jeans.

The emo fashion has evolved from its early days - now emos wear different colour hair, other than plain black. Highlights are getting more and more common in girls and all kind of comb overs are getting more popular in boys of all ages. Emo hairstyles are now more popular than ever - the results of popular bands such as Green Day adopting this hairstyle.

In girls, the hair is more vivid and usually very colourful, depending on the type of emo haircuts aimed for. Of course, you can have multi colored hair or plain with highlights, short or long, etc. All these can be classified as emo hairstyles as the only thing that defines an emo hairstyle is its style! Its colour or length does not matter at all - it's how it's presented, cut and coloured.

A high diversity has therefore evolved amongst emos as emo hairstyles are so easy to achieve.