Emo Hairstyles Video

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Emo Hairstyles - How to

You want a curley emo hairstyles? There isn't much work for you to do there, you just need to be dedicated and it will definitely look amazing! Firstly...

You can either dye your hair or just leave it as it is - if it looks pretty; if you insist on dyeing it I suggest either white blonde or dark dye. You will also need a straightener for most emo hairstyles but not all. So if you haven't got one, there is nothing to worry about.

Next step is to get side bangs, especially for a girl. You can cut it yourself or solicit the advice of a hair stylist, either way don't worry too much about it - remember that emo hairstyles are all about individuality.

For a cool emo haircuts you won't need much. If you decide you will let your friend or you cut your hair yourself, a pair of scissors, some dye, highlights and that's all that is necessary. Sure you can have razors or other stuff but it's all optional to getting emo hairstyles.