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I really like her :>

Emo Hairstyles for Girls and Guys

sexy emo girls
The major difference between a traditional haircut and an Emo one is that Emos prefer to create their own style – so it often cannot be done in a saloon. Anyone can create their own Emo style haircut with a pair of scissors, dye and razor. This means there is no set technique one must tofollow do emo haircut. Instead it is an expression of one’s deepest emotions and feelings therefore someone’s personality can often be understood from the Emo hairstyles adopted.

As there are no set Emo hairstyles, these can vary from guys and girls dying their hair from jet black to bold straw colour and the more profound the effect, the better looking. The dye doesn’t have to look natural at all and you can even shade the edges with frosted highlights, blue, pink, purple or green!

Sexy "Om Shanti Om" Girl - Deepika Padukone (Part 2)

Hereby I present to you the new sexy girl on the block - Deepika Padukone, better known as the Om Shanti Om girl...

My goodness, she is so ravishing, gorgeous, sexy, charming, seducing, ... I LOVE her!!!

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