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Emo Hairstyles - Fashion

Emo which can be considered to be a style of rock music and is short for emotional punk movement has first emerged in Washington DC, in one of the music scenes in 1980s. The emo members were wearing emo hairstyles and also performed emotional performances. The emo hairstyles scene was developed amongsts the anti hipsters that insisted on being individual and disliked the mainstream trends. Since then it has been adapted by nowadays teens and young people who don't want to 'fit in' with the crowd.

Emo is not only defined by the emo hairstyles but also by the emo fashion, that is the clothes and jewels they wear. Most emo would wear black clothing, jacket that is usually small for them or very tight jeans.

The emo fashion has evolved from its early days - now emos wear different colour hair, other than plain black. Highlights are getting more and more common in girls and all kind of comb overs are getting more popular in boys of all ages. Emo hairstyles are now more popular than ever - the results of popular bands such as Green Day adopting this hairstyle.

In girls, the hair is more vivid and usually very colourful, depending on the type of emo haircuts aimed for. Of course, you can have multi colored hair or plain with highlights, short or long, etc. All these can be classified as emo hairstyles as the only thing that defines an emo hairstyle is its style! Its colour or length does not matter at all - it's how it's presented, cut and coloured.

A high diversity has therefore evolved amongst emos as emo hairstyles are so easy to achieve.

Emo Hairstyles Video

Check out this cool emo hairstyles slideshow.

Emo Hairstyles - How to

You want a curley emo hairstyles? There isn't much work for you to do there, you just need to be dedicated and it will definitely look amazing! Firstly...

You can either dye your hair or just leave it as it is - if it looks pretty; if you insist on dyeing it I suggest either white blonde or dark dye. You will also need a straightener for most emo hairstyles but not all. So if you haven't got one, there is nothing to worry about.

Next step is to get side bangs, especially for a girl. You can cut it yourself or solicit the advice of a hair stylist, either way don't worry too much about it - remember that emo hairstyles are all about individuality.

For a cool emo haircuts you won't need much. If you decide you will let your friend or you cut your hair yourself, a pair of scissors, some dye, highlights and that's all that is necessary. Sure you can have razors or other stuff but it's all optional to getting emo hairstyles.

Emo Hairstyles for Girls

What do we think of this girl's emo hairstyles ? I personally like it - it's dyed black and it reflect the sun light really well creating a nice 'bright' effect.

I would improve this short mullet emo hairstyles by adding some highlights, maybe white blonde or simply green/ purple streaks if you want to appear more dark.

The alternative would be to completely dye it white blonde and apply some other highlights that would suit a white blonde hair, maybe pink or red/ orange. It's your choice afterall as I said emo hairstyles are individual and personal

Emo Hairstyles - Comb Over

emo hairstyles comb over

The comb over has been popular for a long time and still is for both girls and boys. This type of emo hairstyles is more prominent in boys than in girls. The picture below illustrates how easy it is to achieve such a haircut which is basically just a comb over to the left or right, whichever side you prefer.

You will need hair extensions if you want to make this look really pro and may consists of a straigh fringe above the eyes and the hair extensions dyed in a black/ dark colour. To achieve this type of emo hairstyles you can use any other colour than black or dark such as white blonde or brunette.

emo haircuts comb over picture

Emo Hairstyles Everywhere

The emo or emotional punk movement belongs to its own attitude as I have previously said numerous times! The values are put on fashion, emo hairstyles and personality. With this type of hairstyle, everything goes - some women may dye their hair purely black, however others will want to dye theirs white or purple.

The aim of dyeing the hair a certain colour is to achieve that bold effect, be it black or bold white. The best part about it is that all emo hairstyles are artificially dyed so there is no need to conern about it looking natural as in most cases it won't. Sure there are some expensive dyes that will work hard at restoring the natural look and make your hair look naturally coloured but in my opinion it is not really worth it. Having emo hairstyles is all about personality and freedom.

Emo Hairstyles - Short Mullet

One of the emo hairstyles for girls and boys in particular . The looks consist of similar long bangs to the comb-over approach. The difference being the back of the hair which exposesa long tail dragged to one side of thehead most commonly. For example, if the bangs are combed over to the right side of the face, the tail would most typically be cut on the left side of the head.

Comb Over for Girls and Guys

The comb over or most recently called 'scene hair' has been adopted by the popular bands at the moment such as 'Green Day' and 'My Chemical Romance' .

The emo hairstyles for girls consists of a straight fringe slightly above the eyes and reasonably long hair extenstions dyed usually black but other lighter colours are also acceptable, such as white blonde.